Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to switch CDMA phones?

On eBay, when purchasing a CDMA phone, the seller says %26quot;Send in your MIN number and phone number, and we'll put service on your phone, and it'll save you $15 ESN change fee.%26quot; My question is, how can I do this myself, without having to call the company? How do the eBay sellers put service for people, avoiding the $15 ESN change cost?How to switch CDMA phones?
I have never heard of a fee for changing over your phone. The people on ebay are lying to you. I have switched over more than 5 different CDMA phones over the last couple of years and have never paid a dime to do it. As long as your account with your current provider is in good standing you won't be charged for activating a new phone. If you purchase a new phone just call customer service and have them activate it for you, no problems.How to switch CDMA phones?
Don't fall for that eBay scam. Just call your customer service or go to your provider store and they will activate the new one.

You can't change them constantly like GSM sorry.

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